Carver Twin Electric Jetboard


Included in the package
– Carver Twin Board
– Wireless Remote
– Battery
– Charger
– Remote Charger
– Fin Set
– Footstraps
– Leash
– Carver Bag
– Stator + Nozzle
– Impeller
– Tooling Kit
– Trigger
– Handle


The new Onean Carver Twin´s double jet system electric board is capable of eject more water with the same power consumption. This increases the performance by 30% compared to the previous Carver model. The twin-jet does not shorten the riding time of the board, still offers 40 minutes of riding time at mixed speeds. The Carver Twin can bring riders up to 90 kg to full planing.

The double jetpack makes the impellers rotate slower, causing less wear and increasing the performance of each jet. Due to the increase in performance, the new Carver Twin has more acceleration than previous Carver, making it easier to reach planing.

The Carver Twin has been designed to be fully serviced by our official dealer network. No more shipping the entire unit to be repaired. Therefore, Onean have created an interchangeable jetpack and ECU/Antenna system, making the replacement of these components extremely easy for our authorized dealer network. 2-Year Warranty.

Power : Up to 5 kW / 6.70 hp

Max Speed : 19 mph / 30 kmh with a 165 lbs / 75 kg rider

Length : 7’8″ / 240cm

Width : 24.5″ / 70cm

Volume : 150L

Weight without Battery : 44 lbs / 20 kg

Operating Time Average : 60 min

Charging Time : Approximately 2.5 hours